Reminders to Customers Using Credit Cards

As a business using a credit card machine in Dubai, you’re dealing with customers using their credit card for payment. Everything depends on that plastic card. To ensure continued business with your credit card-paying customers, encourage them to take care of their plastic money.


Here are some reminders you can share with them:


Double-check the Amount


The POS machine price in Dubai won’t be any match to the price of losing customer trust if you charge them for the wrong amount. Before signing any payment slip, remind customers to check the amount they are paying for. It should match the amount of their purchase down to the last cent. Though your store employees should be double-checking the transaction, it won’t be a bad thing to have another pair of eyes looking for any errors. This isn’t just to catch human error, either; sometimes, machines may act up and charge you for the purchase twice. Customers usually notice this if they check their statement or their running balance, as seen in their online bank account. If that is the case, they should call their bank and correct the mistake as soon as possible.


Keep Credit Card Details Safe


Customers may get a phone call from someone claiming to be a representative of their bank, asking to update their credit card details. Or there could be a suspicious email asking them about their personal information. They might also lose their wallet and its contents, including their credit cards. Under any of these circumstances, they should be reporting the problem without delay. As soon as the credit card is reported missing, their bank should blacklist it and not allow anyone to use it, effectively preventing fraudulent transactions that might ruin the customer’s credit rating. As part of caring for your customers, your store should have reminders that customers shouldn’t give away their credit card information without asking for an identification from the bank representative. You should also be aware of credit card scams, to protect your store and your customers.


Don’t Let Other People Use Your Credit Card


A credit card should be used by the owner only. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean the credit card has been stolen, the card owner may be coaxed by a family member or friend to let them use the credit card for a huge purchase. This won’t harm anyone as long as payments are made, but it’s worth reminding your customers that if the payments are not made, it’s their name that will be marked delinquent by their bank.


Of course, it’s up to your customers to use their credit card on your store or other stores, but sending out a few reminders to help them use their card responsibly will put your business in a good light, as customers will see you as someone who cares for them, not just their money.